one day at a time walking with Jesus by my side


One day at a time, inspired by God & in memory of “Wendy E.. who told me on Sunday 5th January 1986 write everything down – god will perform miracles.

Since that day nearly 32 years ago, so many things have happened. Challenges in my journey of life.  I often thought what Wendy said to me that day was only about my Princess ( my second daughter born with Down Syndrome) but the lord has opened up many doors even memories that he has healed and walked through with me.

Life is challenging and god can do so many things, I had been encouraged to Journal too, well getting out pen n paper sometimes seems to be a drag, I love working with Graphics & Colours.  Over the years I started learning to play with websites, so I made my own little graphic for my work. It has been updated to 2017 seeing I use it more now.

kitties kreations c 2017

Time went on and the lord kept giving me the words Reaching Out, well there is a lot of sites  named this. I thought about blogging it could help heal many things in my life and may even  encourage others  in similar circumstances.

 One day at a time , walking the walk with Jesus by my side  –  Is self explanatory  taking One day at a time and walking my life with Jesus by my side  MY BEST FRIEND, TEACHER, PROVIDER ..  MY EVERYTHING ..

Over the years due to anxiety issues I would write these words down on majority of things it’s helped me work through issues,   . ” One day @ a time, if you can’t handle a day, then one hour at a time, or a minute or second.”  ie: if you cant think too far ahead or handle stuff too far ahead ..slow down rest in god and take whatever time YOU NEED to heal n Grow,  Looking  at a negative that it could be a challenge asking What can I learn from this.

** UPDATE 2017 :  There has been so many challenges in my journey of life, that I have become so dependant upon my faith & Jesus has never let me down.  He has only helped me grow more and more and change for the better… Yes I’m still learning and always will. Learning from my Parents, Family & Friends  but more so from the WORD OF GOD… the bible and working on living a life of Worship especially through the battles.

Earlier this year (it was the evening of my  Baby Girl  KC funeral) I was sharing some things with one of my granddaughters..  BJ and she said NAN you should write a book about what Jesus has done.. I will read it and if its good we will get it published”   Well she isn’t the first to say to me about a book .. Maybe one day my writings might  go that direction.  At this time though  they will remain here.  To Glorify one  and one only…..

Jesus my saviour –  I have a personal relationship with him.   And the Battle Belongs to the LORD –  so I will continue to walk day by day with him by my side, learning to hand it to him.



                            UPDATE April 2019    Well many things have happened over 2 years  but the most exciting is  God released  ” Reaching Out into Ministry” 

September 2018 seen  business cards designed and printed . 

December   :  Reaching Out  Life Group began  globally online :   supporting  Those  whose lives have  experienced   Disabilities, Chronic Health issues and  Mental Health Issues .   We run this group under the  Pastoral care of   ” LIFE CHURCH ONLINE”    its been exciting past 3 months and more to come …   Also  our new email     feel free to email and ask for information (  shortly we will be posting links etc ) but for now you can always reach us on the  Facebook page   ” Reaching Out  one day at a time. 


I do pray that as you sit back maybe with your favourite drink and ponder through my pages. That you find something you may be looking for or to encourage you to take –

ONE MORE DAY  —   as he reached out to me,  I reach out to you.   cropped-reaching-out-logo-1

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